About Us

Great Beginnings is a childcare center licensed by the State of Connecticut. We are open year-round, Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM until 6:00 PM. Great Beginnings opened in September, 1984 with six staff members and nine children. Today, we have almost 50 staff members and close to 150 children.

At Great Beginnings, we believe as children grow, they need a positive self image, supportive role models, with both a structured and free learning environment to effectively guide them through their development in a meaningful and happy way. The purpose of Great Beginnings is to provide a quality learning environment for children from ages six weeks through twelve years of age.

Our goal is to provide each age group with the highest level of quality childcare available in a group learning environment. This is accomplished by securing personnel dedicated to children. We strive to provide our youngest population with a loving, nurturing, and stimulating setting. As the children grow and develop, materials and ideas are presented in a fun and enjoyable way providing a blend of free play and exploration with structured programs to prepare the child for school.